NLGJA is now accepting nominations for both national board of directors and chapter leadership positions. Nomination forms are available on NLGJA’s website, and the deadline to apply is July 28. Nominations must be submitted to NLGJA Elections Chair David Steinberg at Eligible members may nominate themselves and all candidates for national board positions must fill out their own nomination form. All nominees must be members in good standing for at least one year by the time of the election.

Nominations are being accepted for three at-large board of director positions and three executive committee positions (Vice President of Broadcast, Secretary and Treasurer) on the national board of directors. Executive committee members may serve two consecutive terms in each office, and at-large national board members may serve three consecutive terms. All national board of director terms are for two years. Those seeking an executive committee seat must also have served as an at-large board of directors member or chapter president for at least one year as of the election. Nomination forms for the national board of directions can be downloaded here.

No more than two board members may be elected from any one chapter. In the event of a contested election, online voting for NLGJA’s national board of directors will be made available to members in good standing until 5:00pmMonday, August 7, 2017. According to NLGJA bylaws, board elections are advisory but, to date, the board has never failed to follow the election results.

Election results will be ratified by the board of directors at the 2017 National Convention September 7-10 in Philadelphia. Nominees are encouraged to attend. Please note that all nation board members are required to:

  • Attend and participate in board meetings: Board Members must attend at least one of the two in person meetings (mid-year, convention) and at least one of the twice-annual board calls.

  • Maintain current membership in the organization.

  • Participate actively in committee/task force work.

  • Raise or give at least $1,500 for the organization each year.

  • Board members will need to be available to staff.

  • Be active in their local chapter.

Applicants for chapter leadership positions have the option to write-in the office for which they are running. Nominees for NLGJA local offices – both new candidates and those planning to run for re-election – shall be required to submit an application detailing, among other things, their journalism and media experience, current employment status and a statement explaining why they are seeking office. The NLGJA Elections Chair and national office staff shall use the information to confirm the nominee’s membership status and eligibility for office. Upon request, non-confidential information in the application shall be made available to the voting membership. Nomination forms for local chapter offices can be downloaded here.

Nomination forms are also available on NLGJA’s website. The deadline to apply is July 28. Nominations must be submitted to NLGJA Elections Chair David Steinberg at