NLGJA-LA’s goal is to provide value to our members and forwards our mission statement: to foster fair and accurate coverage of LGBT issues. NLGJA opposes all forms of workplace bias and provides professional development to its members.

Continue to host mixers monthly or bimonthly. Some ideas to enhance these mixers include:
• Joint mixers with other groups
• Mixers at newsrooms
• Themed mixers such as Women’s History Month, etc.
• Event related i.e. Outfest and Pride

Use our website as both a way to contact us and a way to show people what we have to offer. Some ideas to enhance our site include:
• Adding updates, photos and round ups.
• Featuring a member every month
• Publish award-winning materials from our members.

Engage not only different organizations and newsrooms in our outreach, but also students, public relations journalists, bloggers, members and former members. Some examples of how this could be accomplished include:
• Newsletter
• Social media
• Phone calls

Board Appointments
Recruit and maintain a five-member board

Continue providing annual scholarship through fundraising. Some features we could add to our scholarship include:
• Pair recipient with a mentor
• Incorporating a one-year membership
• Providing an optional internship with the board

Professional development: We should have at least one professional development workshops per year.
Ideas for workshops:
• Branding
• Investigative and organizational tool
• Public relations roundtable
• New media tools

Provide LGBT-related workshops and panels geared toward newsrooms and non-LGBT groups, including ethnic groups, public relations and non-traditional media. Some ideas as to how to accomplish this goal include:
• Co-sponsorship with sister groups
• Outreach to students and public relations
• Work to established groups for these lgbt-related panels
• Outreach through sister groups to go into newsroom for these panels
• Look toward past board members and members for educational opportunities.

NLGJA has established a new mentorship program. NLGJA-LA wants work closely with national to set up mentorship opportunities for local members and lgbt students. This is relying on the premise that members will feel more invested in the organization if they are directly engaged in forwarding our mission.