In Solidarity with the Capital Gazette

The L.A. chapter of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association stands in solidarity with Annapolis’ Capital Gazette newspaper and mourns the untimely passing of Gerald Fischman, the newsroom’s editorial page editor; Rob Hiaasen, the editor and features columnist; John McNamara, the sports reporter and editor for the local weekly papers; Wendi Winters, the local news reporter and community columnist; and Rebecca Smith, a newly hired sales assistant.

Like the fallen at the Capital Gazette, we strive to uphold the truth and inform the public. The job of a journalist is not glamorous, or easy, and is sometimes performed at a high cost.

We collectively experience this pain and loss and are with you in spirit and in deed.


SAVE THE DATE: Celebrate the Holiday Season with NLGJA-LA

Join NLGJA-LA in sharing love and friendship at the landmark, LGBT-friendly, Latino, Casita del Campo in Silverlake.


When:  Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 7:30 p.m.
Where:  Casita del Campo, 1920 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027
Cost: Free and open to the public.
Details: (323) 662-4255;

Umbrella Shows the Long Road to Trans Acceptance

By Ande Richards, NLGJA-LA Board Member

Transgender people have been a constant hot topic in mainstream media. The public witnessed every step of Caitlin Jenner’s high-profile transition. They have heard the attacks on trans in the military by Donald Trump and his constituency, and have listened to the pros and cons and lies inherent in the ongoing battles of the bathroom bills.

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