A Successful LA Exclusive

Photos by Matthew Mullins

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Beautiful weather complemented the June 20 L.A. Exclusive. 

Board member Senta Scarborough graciously donated a yearlong membership and National Convention registration that were raffled to event attendees.

NLGJA presented the  Lisa Ben Award to Marc Malkin, who has a long history of upholding NLGJA’s mission in his work.

“I think being out has made me a better journalist,” said Malkin as he accepted the award. “How can you ask someone to tell you their truth if you’re not living your own?”

The NLGJA Lisa Ben Award for Achievement in Features Coverage is presented each year to a journalist whose body of work is distinguished by insight and impact through engaging features on LGBTQ individuals, the LGBTQ community or LGBTQ issues. The award is named for the pseudonym Edythe Eyde used for her pioneering publication, Vice Versa. Eyde was the inaugural recipient of the award, and past winners have included Advocate Magazine Editorial Director Diane Anderson-Minshall and OutSports.com Co-Founder Cyd Zeigler.

Malin was with E! News for over a decade. He was the Managing Editor for film at E! News as well as an on-air correspondent. He’s also been a reporter, a writer and an online columnist. Malkin launched his celebrity journalism career more than 20 years ago at Premiere magazine. His first big assignment was shadowing Bette Midler for the magazine’s iconic Women in Hollywood issue. He went on to write, report and edit for The New York Daily News, Us Weekly, New York Magazine, Details, Cosmopolitan and Entertainment Weekly. Malkin began his career at Bay Windows, New England’s leading LGBTQ newspaper before being recruited by Gannett at NLGJA’s first job fair to work as a reporter at The Norwich Bulletin in Southeastern Connecticut. In 2014, he was named by The Advocate as one of the 50 Most Influential LGBTQ people in media. He has co-chaired the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles and is a longtime supporter of The Los Angeles LGBT Center. Originally from New York, Malkin now lives in Los Angeles with his husband Fabian and their two dogs, Jeb and Paca.

“I am humbled and full of gratitude,” said Malkin. “In the end, if being out and covering LGBTQ issues has helped just one kid know they’re not alone then I know I’ve done something right.”


L.A. Exclusive a Success!

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The July 23 Los Angeles benefit event for NLGJA, L.A. Exclusive, was a great gathering of those who support our mission to advance fair and accurate news coverage of the LGBT community and issues.

Host Ken Miguel, NLGJA’s Vice President for Broadcast, took a few moments to reflect on the difficult and crucial work on of LGBT journalists in covering the Orlando massacre.

“Engaging news features on important issues to the LGBT community has been a hallmark of Diane’s work,” said NLGJA Executive Director Adam Pawlus. “She has also brought her life experiences as a member of the LGBT community to her news features in a way that expands the understanding of the American public at large. Such accomplishments earned her the Lisa Ben Award for Achievement in Features Coverage of the LGBT Community and Issues.”

Anderson-Minshall, in thanking NLGJA for the award, noted how thrilled she was to get an award named for someone who was such a personal inspiration and also looked back on some examples of her body of work – including a feature reflecting on the UpStairs Lounge arson attack in New Orleans, which had previously been the worst mass killing of LGBT people in U.S. history – and the importance of LGBT journalists telling the stories of the LGBT community.